Cumberland News - Curvy Yoga comes to Carlisle

"Say hello to curvy yoga - for all shapes and sizes."

We are delighted to be running our first yoga classes for those in bigger-bodies from our yoga rooms this January.

"Our aim is to run small, tailored classes with a body positive approach to get curvy people on their mats."

As this article states we are, "an inclusive holistic centre and the same principle applies to our yoga classes."

A number of freelance yoga and pilates teachers run classes and workshops from our yoga rooms.  You can view our timetable here.

Interested in hiring our rooms, contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have just cleared my diary for a 3 week Transformational Yoga course in India and I have forgotten to get a visa! I’ve got some excuses, but I’ll spare you them! Putting my year’s YTT 250 hours training into practice I’m rolling with the punches … allowing this space for new things to manifest.

Which they have. Deyna my yoga teacher trainer contacted me just yesterday to ask if she may run her 2019 YTT 200 hours from my new yoga rooms in my therapy centre in Carlisle. I’m delighted and it’s got me thinking about my reasons for choosing a 7 month yoga teacher training over a 3 week intensive. As some of you will currently be facing this dilemma here’s why I chose to be a tortoise not a hare.

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“…wrinkles could signal health trouble” warns The Times health editor on 27th August,
but don’t worry, prevention is better than cure!

This article refers to findings by French researchers which links wrinkled foreheads to heart disease. Observation of facial lines and wrinkles is integral to Chinese medicine diagnosis. Chinese face reading is a very ancient Chinese art and was especially important in the treatment of women, as the predominantly male doctors were not allowed to palpate them. Looking at the face was the easiest way of diagnosing any health issues (The Clinical Application of Facial Diagnosis, JCM, 100, October 2012).

As a traditional Chinese Acupuncturist I examine my patient’s faces as one way to diagnose any underlying disharmony. You too can observe your own face for any early warning signs of health issues, which, if detected soon enough, may be addressed through lifestyle changes to avoid illness.

I shall be introducing you to a few obvious lines and wrinkles mentioned in ancient Chinese texts and what they indicate in my Facial Self-Care Workshop: Facial Reading & Gua Sha – Eastern Healthy Aging Techniques on Sunday 13th January 2019- visit Event here.  You will examine your face and interpret what your wrinkles say about your inner health and emotions.

For further information about this workshop or about my traditional acupuncture treatments contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Spring is here! A time of surging energy and new growth. The Yin of Winter is transforming into Yang (not yet the full Yang of Summer), and the evidence is all around us in nature. We too experience this seasonal shift in energy, which can be more challenging for some. It’s a perfect time for an acupuncture treatment tune-up – and many of my regular patients return at Spring-time for some traditional Chinese acupuncture as energetic support during this time of changing qi.

In my last Blog I explained a little about 5 Element theory as being rooted in nature’s seasons (The 5 Elements & Your Health – Earth) and how it allows us to classify people into element types. As microcosms of nature we have within in us all 5 Elements, but as with nature our inner climate has a hierarchy of elements. Identifying this interplay is what allows your acupuncturist to diagnose and treat you. It also gives you tools to better understand and maintain your own health and those of your friends and family.

Spring is associated with the Wood Element and the organ pair, Liver (LIV) and Gall Bladder (GB). If Wood is your dominant element then you may manifest some characteristic symptoms when out of balance.

Read on to find out how to identify Wood as a dominant element (s) in either yourself and/or others and discover some self-help tools to stay healthy this Spring.

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Frazzled, tired all the time, cranky, overweight (especially round the middle), anxious, difficulty sleeping, hot flushes, sugar cravings, forgetful, dry skin, joint pain?  Need support managing your menopausal symptoms?  Tried yoga?

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Puffy, itchy watery eyes? Cough, sneezing, runny nose, wiped out? Hayfever.

I long for summer until that is that I remember that over the past few years I have developed hayfever. Yesterday I went for a long, windy bike ride and woke up with puffy eyes…it can take a few hours of cooling eye masks, facial yoga and acupuncture for them to get back to normal.

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