Yoga Teacher Training 2019

I have just cleared my diary for a 3 week Transformational Yoga course in India and I have forgotten to get a visa! I’ve got some excuses, but I’ll spare you them! Putting my year’s YTT 250 hours training into practice I’m rolling with the punches … allowing this space for new things to manifest.

Which they have. Deyna my yoga teacher trainer contacted me just yesterday to ask if she may run her 2019 YTT 200 hours from my new yoga rooms in my therapy centre in Carlisle. I’m delighted and it’s got me thinking about my reasons for choosing a 7 month yoga teacher training over a 3 week intensive. As some of you will currently be facing this dilemma here’s why I chose to be a tortoise not a hare.

It had little to do with cost. I had a choice of two YTT’s both local to me. One a boot camp style 3 week immersion, the other a more leisurely 7 month ramble. I like to think of myself as a boot camp kind of girl – at least my Ego does! But my past learning experiences tell a different tale.

I remember when I was 20 opting for an intensive TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) 2 week course. I worked myself up into such a twist that I manifested a massive tooth abscess and did my final teaching observation after an emergency extraction at the RVI hospital. I’m regretfully poking the gap where my precious molar used to be with my tongue - not an ideal outcome.

I got my TEFL certificate (of course I did, nobody fails!) and then with shattered confidence enrolled on a year’s long PGCE in Carlisle. I shared a flat with my twin sister and then went off to Nepal to teach for a year. Wonderful outcome.

As a teacher I have an appreciation for how different our learning styles can be. Personally, the structure of the Yoga Teacher Training that I have just finished this October suited me. It was paced well over 7 months with the training falling at weekends so there has been little disruption to my professional work.

A big bonus was that I was insured to start teaching with Yoga Alliance Professionals as a student member from the start of the course in April 2018. If, like me, you are a procrastinator, then this may be just the firecracker you need to get you standing at the front of a yoga class on your yoga teacher mat! You simply have to bite the bullet and start teaching – nerve wracking it may be but rewarding.

The beauty of this YTT is the focus on all 8 limbs of yoga. It goes without saying that teaching asanas is fundamental to YTT but the exploration of the other limbs is of equal importance. My YTT cohort came packaged in diverse body shapes, sizes and ages. We’ve been privileged to have time to learn together and from each other.

Lastly, I chose this YTT as there was an option for a week’s immersion at the end of the course in India. Which is where I should be now! I’m hoping to get there later this week. If you are interested in this course running from The Yoga Rooms, Carlisle Therapies contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..